You Can Help Put A SMILE On The Faces Of Kids In Foster Care In BC

A happy family. It is my wish for you, today and every day.

And while you may not be blessed with a happy family every day, as a caring and compassionate person, you undoubtedly create a home full of love. It’s what we all strive for, and it all starts with a simple belief:

Every child deserves a loving home.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Unfortunately, the reality is some kids aren’t so lucky. And right now, there are thousands of kids in the foster care system in BC. Every child in foster care has a sad story. Kids just don’t end up in foster care without some hard things happening in their young lives.

But, sometimes, all it takes to turn a sad story into a happy one is someone like you who believes that better days are possible.

Now, kids in the foster care system are creating new, happier life stories with the help of people like you.

That’s where SOS Children’s Village comes in. You can find SOS Children’s Villages in 137 countries around the world – and there’s one right here in BC! With our proven family-based model, children in care can receive wrap around support, and love, in a family home.

Jacob, a young adult who recently spread his wings and left the Village, describes it as, “a little community that allows foster kids to have a more regular childhood. I could grow at my own pace, and become an adult with a sense of belonging that I never really had before.”

I’m asking for your help to give more kids in the Provincial care system that same sense of belonging, and the love and support they need to thrive!

I’m sure you are the sort of caring person who wouldn’t hesitate to help if you saw a young child in distress in your street – but what about those we can’t see?

You can help them too! If you make a gift online, you’ll help in these vital ways:

1. You’ll help strengthen families: With the right support and resources, sometimes a child’s family of origin can be empowered to create a loving family home. This is a vital part of what we do to help kids and prevent family separation.

2. You’ll help provide loving homes for kids: For some kids coming to live at the Village is the best option. There, kids receive love and stability from trained professional caregivers in a family setting and grow up feeling that they belong.

3. You’ll give foster kids in BC the support they need to heal: With counselling, educational support, recreation and cultural activities, and more, kids get the support they need to make sense of their experiences and create happier lives.

4. You’ll support foster parents in the community: Caregivers are provided with a broad range of coping skills, parenting strategies, and opportunities to connect with their peers – helping to combat the feelings of isolation and burn-out often experienced by those in the caring field.

Can you give now to help foster kids in BC today? With your help, we can really make a difference for kids in the care system in BC. So please, give today if you can. You can help foster kids create their own happier life story.


You can make a difference in the life of a child today!

SPECIAL OFFER: If you donate now, you will receive an invitation in May to a VIP tour of a Village home and a youth transition suite at our Open House event in June!