Our Partners

The foster children and vulnerable youth who call the SOS BC Village home are supported by a ‘Village of Caring’ that makes all of our life-changing programs possible. Our many community partners who come from industries of all shapes and sizes make up this vital Village of Caring.

They recognize that SOS Children’s Village BC works with the root causes of generational foster care and homelessness, through our lifelong commitment to providing stability, healing, and practical life skills for children and youth. That steadiness is what we are all about. And our kids feel it – they know there is a community wrapped around them that believes in them, without even having met them. It makes a world of difference to their self-confidence and sense of belonging.

When you shop at these businesses, you are supporting our cause. All of our community partners are crucial to building our services and homes for foster children, and we are grateful to each one for their unique contributions.


Bellissima Fashions

From the very beginning, this wonderful source for quality fashionable apparel has been a strong SOS BC supporter. We love their “dress global – care local” style!

Able Auctions

Sometimes it takes a little time and effort to find treasure where there doesn’t seem to be any at first glance. We understand that at SOS BC, and are glad to have Able Auctions as an annual partner, because they really understand that too. They have a long history as great community supporters.

Alix Elsey Real Estate

Realtor Alix Elsey donates a portion of the commission from each of her sales to SOS Children’s Village BC. What a great initiative by Alix Elsey Real Estate, we so appreciate it. “I donate to SOS BC with each home I sell!” appears on all her marketing materials.

Mike Karamanian Dexter
Associates Realty

A huge thank you to realtor Mike Karamanian for setting up an initiative where he donates $250 to SOS BC for each apartment or townhouse, or $500 for each single family house, bought or sold through him.

Grand Arc Beauty Studio

Grand Arc studio at 1150 West Hastings Street believe beauty is more than skin deep. True beauty comes from the heart. With the blessing of their enthusiastic clients, they donated an eyebrow-raising $1,000 to SOS Children’s Village BC from their December 2017 sales. Not only that, but the partners now donate a continuous contribution of 5% of their earnings each month to SOS BC!

Adera Natural Stone Supply

How do you build a foundation for life? With care, purpose, and attention to detail. Adera really believes in creating solid foundations and pathways, whether in a building, yard, or childhood. Adera’s annual support is an important model for our Village: solidity, permanence, and excellence.

Ballistic Arts Media Studios

At Ballistic Arts, every single member of their team (even the dog!) is proud to support SOS Children’s Village BC with a multi-year donation commitment.


Andrew Rouchotas, owner of Cartika.com, is generously giving us over $3,000 a month in free services to upgrade and maintain the SOS BC server infrastructure.

ElevatedPrompt Cybersecurity Solutions

Some of the greatest heroes are the ones you never see: like the folks at ElevatedPrompt who guard your digital resources. As an annual supporter, ElevatedPrompt is committed to making sure our staff and caregivers have the resources to provide safety and security for our children and youth.

Magellan Law Group

We are very blessed by members of the business community who are passionate about making their local communities better. Magellan Law Group LLC in Langley is a perfect example of generous giving back. They support local health and antipoverty organizations, schools, sports … and the important and groundbreaking child development of SOS Children’s Village BC.

Tag Pubs

The owners of Tag have been great supporters of SOS BC for many years. They understand the importance of creating connections and feeling part of something that is bigger than you are: a village.


The folks at WebSec understand that everything is easy and intuitive … as long as you know how! Not only does Websec offer a lot of training for businesses, as annual partners they are helping SOS BC to provide a safe environment for our kids. They model the kind of patience, teaching, and creativity of solutions that we believe in.

Hedden Chong Chartered Professional Accountants

We appreciate the gentle and generous way this partnership have come forward as annual supporters for our Village. While helping you through your accounting, you can be inspired by their commitment to making sure that a kid’s life starts adding up to better results.


We appreciate that every year TELUS employees come out to our Village and volunteer their time to help with site maintenance, which allows us to spend less on administration and more on our programs.

Envision Financial

What doesn’t Envision Financial do? As one of our largest and longest community partners, Envision’s support and grants were vital in having the homes built in our Village. They also have the Envision Financial Employees Endowment which grows through the fundraising efforts of employees at Envision, and we have received thousands from it. Additionally, every year Envision had Make A Difference Days where employees eagerly volunteer with maintenance and projects at the Village, and to put on events for our kids. They place employees for internships with us and donate loads of Christmas presents. They even help us put on budgeting and credit workshops for at-risk youth in our Transition to Adulthood program.


Based in Vancouver, for over 25 years Uniserve Communications has been bringing innovative tech solutions to customers across Canada. In June 2017, Uniserve started providing free & ongoing high speed internet to all five houses in our Village (that’s $2,500 a month in free services). This has reduced our administration costs and allowed us to redirect that money to our programs – thank you so much Uniserve. On top of this, they also encourage their customers to donate $1 from every monthly invoice to SOS BC!

Cobs Bread

Thank you to Cobs Bread in South Surrey for donating product to our Village every Friday as part of a food security program. One of our SOS Dads and one of our foster youth have started a tradition of picking up bread every week, promoting good mentorship. Now that’s something we can break bread over!

Longevity Graphics

We are extremely grateful to Longevity Graphics in Coquitlam, who chose our charity for 2018 to make a new website free of charge as part of their strong community involvement. Our old site was not mobile-friendly and needed modernization, so this was a huge help to us and we are so pleased with the result. It allowed SOS BC to redirect money that would have been spent on a new website to our programs for foster children and youth in need. Longevity continues to help us with online marketing at a discounted rate.

B&D Autobody & Glass

B & D Autobody & Glass collects donations all year from their very kind clients and staff. The company specializes in healing the dings, dents, and scratches that can take the shine off your Lexus, BMW, or Mini. In the same spirit, they recognize that children in care can suffer some pretty devastating spin-outs and crashes in their lives too. Together, B & D Autobody’s community of fine motor enthusiasts raised $2,000 for SOS BC. We are grateful that straightening out all those fenders is also contributing to a smoother road for the kids in our Village!

Benjamin Moore

Thank you to Benjamin Moore for the donation of paint that they gave to House 2 in our Village in fall 2018! They have literally put love on the walls and the entire house glows with the spirit of caring and warmth.

Ecclesiastical Insurance

A huge thank you to Ecclesiastical Insurance for their community impact grant of $15,000 to our Sounds of Learning music program. This extraordinary insurance company directs all profits into a charitable foundation, and supports good works around the world.

Jump Kick Martial Arts Foundation

We would like to send out a huge thank you to the Jump Kick Martial Arts Foundation for sponsoring children and youth in our Village to receive Tae Kwan Do training! This includes covering the cost of uniforms and lessons. A special thank you to instructor Ben Raphael for his kindness in helping out the community through this brilliant initiative.

Nickel Bros

We received a very generous donation of $5,000 from Nickel Bros for which we are very excited and thankful. Nickel Bros recycles homes and gives them new life, SOS BC provides homes and loving support for foster children. Thank you Nickel Bros from all the children of SOS Children’s Village BC.

Loving Home Care Services

Loving Home Care Services is a proud supporter of SOS Children’s Village BC. For 25 years, the family-run business has provided the highest level of senior home care to families in the North Shore and Greater Vancouver area. Excellence in caregiving is at the core of both of our organizations – it’s what truly allows our foster kids to thrive!

Fireside Adventures

For the past few years, Fireside Adventures has worked instrumentally with supporting our Feather Indigenous leadership summer camp. Thanks to Fireside we have been connecting children in care to land and the outdoors, with guidance by our BC Certified teacher, through an incredible 21-day summer camping expedition! Much gratitude to Fireside for lighting the spark of experiential education for the foster kids in our Village.

MPB Construction

MPB Construction has provided great support to our Village over the past few years by offering awesome household services to us at a discounted rate. Thank you MPB for helping us to build and maintain loving, stable homes for foster children!

Hummingbirds Rising Consulting

Hummingbirds Rising Consulting created a 6 week hən̓q̓əmin̓əm̓ language class for the children in foster care who call our Village home, teaching vocabulary from the traditional territory SOS BC resides on. Thank you to Hummingbirds Rising for their crucial aid in our Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples and the Decolonization of our working environment.