Meet Our Team


Dr. Bruce Hardy
Accreditation Advisor
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Carla Niemi
Director of Operations & Facilities
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Mona Bawagan
Accreditation Assistant
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Helen Novaindah
Finance & Administration Assistant
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Douglas Dunn, M.B.A., C.F.R.E.
Executive Director
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Carmen Chandler
SOS Educator
Sheena Ram
Year Intensive Housing Manager, Youth Worker
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Kistie Singh, B.A., B.Ed.
Village Director
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Sinead Russell
Neurofeedback Rentals Coordinator
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Carlie Dinwoodie, M.C., C.C.C.
Clinical Counsellor, Neurofeedback Practitioner
Doug West, M.A., DVATI, R.C.C.
Director of Autism Services, Clinical Counsellor, Neurofeedback Practitioner
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Danielle Palmer
Trauma-Informed Clinical Lead
Frauke Reddick, B.Sc., DVATI
Art Therapist
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Scott Holcombe, B.Sc.
Grants Officer
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Steve Bowler, B.A. Hon., M.A.
Conference Facilitator
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Heidi Trautmann
Grants Officer
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Amanda Schaffner
Development & Community Relations Coordinator
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William Brennan, B.Comn.
Manager of Communications
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Rose Hamilton, B.Sc. Hons
Director of Community Partnerships & Donor Stewardship
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