Help Our Families And Youth At Risk Celebrate The Spirit Of The Holidays!

Give the Gift of: Approx. values
Winter Clothing $50-100 per member Provides warm clothes for the chilly season
Sparkling Tree $100 Tree and trimmings
Dinner & Sparkling Tree $300 Includes a gift card for groceries for Christmas dinner, a tree and the trimmings
Full Christmas Experience $600 (based on family of 4) Includes Christmas dinner, sparkling tree and warm cozy clothes
Gift Cards! Invaluable Always a winner to provide the family exactly what they need to fulfill their specific needs
Gifts under the Tree! $50-100 per member (Popular food chains & superstores, Malls etc.)

Help a family or youth at risk by putting some gifts under the tree to give them a reason to be joyous and thankful!

Food Hampers! Staples for food hampers usually go a long way and gift cards for more ‘fresh items’ such as meats, milk, eggs, veggies, fruit or supplies such as TP, laundry detergent..
Hamper Suggestions: Rice, Pasta, Canned Sauces and Veggies, Soups, Cereal, Peanut Butter, Honey, Jam, Juices (boxed or canned), Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate

Cookies, Pancake Mix, Flour, Sugar, Crackers, Stuffing, Some fun goodies like candy canes or chocolates

Monetary donations are tax deductible. Gift cards are also tax deductible IF the purchase receipt has been included.

We ask that all our holiday giving for our families are delivered to our office by December 17th!

If you have any questions, please contact Amanda, Development & Community Relations Coordinator, at (604) 574-2964 ext 103.

*The items listed are examples of what your monetary support can provide – your cash donation may be used to support more pressing programs, needs, or services.