Leave The Light On Campaign


$50 –– Can give our children in care access to educational support with a BC Certified teacher for 1 hour.

$100 –– Can help ensure a youth aging out of care has food and supplies for a week. Or can help support emergency drivers who need to take Village children, youth, or caregivers to the hospital due to crisis.

$250 –– Can help restore and restock safety materials and equipment in our Village, including face masks, soap, and hand sanitizer. Or can provide respite/relief for our caregivers for 1 day.

$500 –– Can support crisis response services for a month to ensure families and children in our programs stay safe. Or can provide gas for a month for the SOS van that drops off groceries to youth.

$1,000 –– Can help ensure youth still have a safe place to live and are able to pay their rent for a whole month. Or can ensure that 12 of our kids have a 2-3 day backyard camp experience working with cultural support workers on our 2.5 acre site.

Other: $

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The giving levels above are examples of what your support can do – your donation may be used to support more pressing programs, needs, or services. 


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My name is Shelina and I’m a full-time member of the Development team at SOS Children’s Village BC. I have three amazing children, a wonderful husband, and two curious dogs. To keep myself busy in my ‘off time’, I also run my own tea shop and teach prenatal classes.

Then along came COVID-19. I’ve had to close my business, I am not teaching any classes, and I am home with my family 24/7. Along with the surprising challenges of working from my dining room, this ‘forced’ family time has been my blessing. The other night, when I was having trouble falling asleep, I began to wonder about the homeless youth in our communities and how the global pandemic might be affecting them. I felt a swell of sadness and worry.

Six years ago, there was a youth standing outside our office in the pouring rain, so naturally I invited him in. This young man had no jacket and was shivering – he was waiting for a ride that never came. We chatted for quite some time and as he relaxed into the environment, I asked him if he would like something to eat. He ended up polishing off the lunches of two staff members. He shared with me that he had been in many different foster homes before aging out of care. He said that his defense mechanism was to make himself unlovable before his newest family had a chance to reject him.

With his permission he was immediately referred to the Transition to Adulthood (TTA) team. They supported him in finding safe accommodation, purchasing food and other necessities, and getting employment. The inner strength of these youth is always inspiring, and we nurture their natural resilience by providing a safe and stable relationship with a caring youth worker. At SOS BC we practice what we preach every day: “Once an SOS kid, always an SOS kid”. As a graduate of the TTA program he can reach out to us at any time as part of our community of belonging. After all, how many of your kids have come back home between lumps and bumps? We do not stop being parents when our kids leave the nest.

Please give what you can, and let these kids know that they do matter! With your gift you are sending them a clear message: SOS BC is their forever home and people are paying attention. Thank you in advance for continuing to be our Village through thick and thin.