Leave The Light On Campaign


$50 –– Can give our children in care access to educational support with a BC Certified teacher for 1 hour.

$100 –– Can help ensure a youth aging out of care has food and supplies for a week. Or can help support emergency drivers who need to take Village children, youth, or caregivers to the hospital due to crisis.

$250 –– Can help restore and restock safety materials and equipment in our Village, including face masks, soap, and hand sanitizer. Or can provide respite/relief for our caregivers for 1 day.

$500 –– Can support crisis response services for a month to ensure families and children in our programs stay safe. Or can provide gas for a month for the SOS van that drops off groceries to youth.

$1,000 –– Can help ensure youth still have a safe place to live and are able to pay their rent for a whole month. Or can ensure that 12 of our kids have a 2-3 day backyard camp experience working with cultural support workers on our 2.5 acre site.

Other: $

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Alison is an inspiring young mother who lived in a transition suite in our Village for one of life’s most precious milestones – the birth of her first child Leslie. When she felt ready, she moved out of the Village to live with her boyfriend and they began raising their baby together while still receiving counselling when needed from the SOS BC Aftercare program. Everything was going well for the new family until the coronavirus hit in mid-March.

Like all British Columbians, Alison felt sharp trepidation with the abrupt arrival of the pandemic. You know that tight, aching sensation in your gut brought on by anxiety and panic? That’s what Alison felt when she discovered that hoarding at grocery stores near her Surrey home had completely emptied shelves of the specialized formula for sensitive stomachs that her baby – who had been premature – required. Shortly after this discovery, youth worker Sheena received Alison’s call and could hear it in her voice: “She panicked, she literally went into panic mode, like how am I going to feed my baby?”

Even before the pandemic, stores stocked less of this type of specialized formula. Fortunately, the SOS Children’s Village BC program team jumped into action to lend Alison a helping hand. They dropped everything and spread out across the region hunting for formula, eventually finding some in Vancouver and Langley. Our staff delivered the containers straight to Alison’s home, giving her a chance to breathe again and bringing her a palpable sense of relief.

It’s not just this tangible support that our youth workers provide to young adults, Sheena was also there to provide plentiful amounts of emotional support to Alison along the way. Indeed, this was truly something all of us needed in March when our lives were in disarray. Having someone to talk to, relate to, and share the load made all the difference. Having that ongoing encouragement and knowing our program staff were always there to lean on meant everything to the mental wellbeing of our youth during an unprecedented time of isolation. For Alison, the additional demand of caring for her baby placed even more weight on her shoulders. She had enough to worry about already, so a little friendly support from SOS BC prevented her stress from spiraling, and let her innate strength as a mother take the lead.

After the initial delivery, it became an ongoing habit for our youth workers to keep an eye out for the formula for Alison and her baby. Near the end of April, Sheena visited Alison at her grandma’s house to drop off three containers of formula and they ended up talking for over an hour, two metres apart, in the front yard. At one point in the conversation Alison said that she didn’t really need our counselling services anymore because she felt really good, stable, and a hundred times better than a year ago. “It was pretty rewarding to hear that,” said Sheena with a smile.

Of course, SOS BC will always be there for Alison as part of our commitment to lifelong engagement. By donating today you will be supporting youth in breaking the cycle of foster care and helping them transition to family reunification and sustainable independence.