Be An SOS Foster Parent Or Family

As Canada’s only SOS Children’s Village, SOS Children’s Village BC provides homes, a supportive community, and programs to help foster children and youth in need grow into caring, self-reliant adults. Additionally, we are developing programs to support foster parents on their journey to become professional Caregivers. SOS BC is a proud member of the world’s largest non-governmental, non-denominational child development organization operating 572 Villages in 135 countries.

Located in Surrey, on a beautiful 2.5 acre campus, we have five (six bedroom) homes, five transition suites, sports courts, playgrounds, forested trails, and a Village Centre housing homework and therapy rooms, a music studio, and activities space.

SOS BC is embracing a trauma informed, interactive, therapeutically intensive approach to working with foster families including: trauma focused cognitive behavioural therapy, expressive arts, cognitive rehabilitation, neurofeedback, narrative, and other therapies as determined by a foster child’s needs.

Other programming includes: Homework Club; Sounds of Learning (group and individual music lessons); Camps, Recreation, and Cultural; Transition to Adulthood; Youth Housing Year Intensive; and After Care. After Care reflects SOS BC’s belief in lifelong connection with our children-19 is just a birthday, children who have been in our Village can expect lifelong support.

All programs and support for the foster families in our Village are provided at no cost to them, and a limited number of families also receive rent subsidies. The benefits of being a Village family equates to over $75,000 per year in direct programming and cash support to each household. As a community integrated Village, we support additional families who live close to the Village campus. They receive all of the supports, except for the rent subsidies.


Check out, a public awareness and recruitment site featuring the real and moving stories of foster families around the province of BC, so that prospective foster parents can better understand the challenges, and many rewards, of opening their homes to a child or youth in care.

Occasionally we have an opening in our Village campus, but we are always looking for foster Caregivers to join our community integrated Village in Surrey. These are foster families with their own homes who we support out in the community, rather than at our physical Village campus.

If you are, or wish to become, a professional Caregiver in BC, are willing to foster 3 to 5 foster children, excited about being a contributing member of a mutually supportive Village environment, and are willing to agree to a minimum five year commitment, please contact SOS BC today at with a subject line of “Village Membership Enquiry.”

The Ministry of Children and Family Development, Vancouver Aboriginal Child and Family Services Society, and other Delegated Agencies are the employers of Caregivers in BC and we look forward to working with them as partners in the acceptance process of any applicant to the SOS BC Village.