Apartment In A Box

‘Apartment In A Box’ is a unique concept created by SOS Children’s Village BC and its sister foundation to benefit youth aging out of foster care. New and near new household items are obtained from grant funding and from the SOS Children’s Village Thrift Store Foundation, then are packed into themed boxes containing every essential required to furnish an apartment.

The six themes include: a furniture and appliances box, a kitchen box, a kitchen supplies box, a bedding box, a bathroom box, and a cleaning box.

Each month, participants in the Youth Housing Year Intensive Program can ‘earn’ some of the items – one month the dishes, next month the furniture, etc.When they graduate from the yearlong program and move out of the Transition Suites in the SOS BC Village, they get to take all these items with them to their new home.

For youth in the Transition to Adulthood Outreach Program, the SOS Children’s Village Thrift Store Foundation works with Bea’s Kloset and other charities with thrift stores to provide Apartment In A Box to those moving into an apartment for the first time, at no charge.

Help a young person in-need today by donating household goods to the two SOS Children’s Village Thrift Store Foundation locations. If you are interested in donating furniture to Apartment In A Box, please call the SOS Children’ s Village BC office at (604) 574-2964, as the thrift stores cannot accept furniture due to space constraints.