Transition To Adulthood Program

Free for at risk youth

Youth Programming At SOS BC (Ages 16-24)

SOS Children’s Village BC is affiliated with SOS Children’s Villages International with over 570 villages worldwide. Being a part of this community allows us access to a vast network and research database on foster care. Currently among the global community, there are concerns for youth and their development as they become self-sufficient adults. A recent document and survey that was conducted among 12 countries indicate that “young people felt that their notice to leave care was abrupt” and that they were “unprepared” for independence (Ageing Out of Care, 2010).

Like many other global communities, British Columbia’s youth are facing a similar challenge. Because the Ministry of Children and Family Development cuts off financial support at 19, many of our youth are left unsupported and moving in and out of homelessness – when statistics show that young adults from stable families live at home until they are in their mid-twenties. The financial burden of rent, education, and self-management can be overwhelming to the youth in our community. The lack of stability often pushes these at-risk youth to dangerous extremes.

A recent study on youth aging out of care in BC indicated similar perspectives:

“… what is needed is a rethinking of existing government policies, programs, and priorities, along with the role of communities and families in supporting youth from care. Central to this rethinking is our key message and primary recommendation: that youth from care need to have as gradual and extended a transition process to adulthood as youth in the general population.”

– (When Youth Age Out of Care, 2007)

To counter the challenges and obstacles our youth aging out of care face, SOS BC has refined its model of care and programming, and has developed an intensive housing program that will teach and prepare our youth for independence.


Couch surfing? Need help finding a place to live? Want advice on getting a job, or finding a training program? Maybe you feel like you’ve fallen off the tracks. Maybe you need some guidance on how to move forward on your path to success.

We are here to help YOU to make your transition to adulthood as smooth as possible.

Most programs for youth end at the age of 19. But it’s between 19 and 24 when youth need the most support, as they make the difficult transition to adulthood. At SOS Children’s Village BC we’re helping youth by continuing to work with them until the age of 24, as they navigate these first years of young adulthood.

In addition, most programs for youth require a referral through MCFD. The SOS BC Transition to Adulthood program accepts referrals from other professionals, schools, social workers, parents, and most importantly from youth themselves.

The program provides one-to-one support for youth between the ages of 16 and 24 years in the Surrey area, provided by experienced youth workers.


SOS believes that all youth should have the opportunity to reach their social, emotional and physical potential while participating in their communities. The teenage and young adult years are often ones of much transition and change, and sometimes challenge.

The Transition to Adulthood Program supports youth to:

  • Gain life skills
  • Learn to make healthy choices
  • Make meaningful connections with their community
  • Move in a positive direction in their life
  • Achieve their goals
  • Gain independence, and
  • Begin growing into healthy and contributing members of society

The program operates from a client-centered approach to meet the unique and individual needs of each youth.


Youth work one on one with our Youth Workers to discuss a plan and support needed to achieve customized individual goals. Our resources and youth workers allow for support around the following areas:

  • Employment – building resumes, job interview prep, buildings skills around professionalism and accountability
  • School – helping youth apply/register for GED courses and postsecondary education, support youth applying for scholarships, funding opportunities, access to funding, and academic support
  • Advocacy – ensuring youth understand their rights and responsibilities as youth aging out of care, representing youth while working with MCFD and other Foster Care Agencies to meet client needs
  • Finances – budgeting and understanding personal finances, including savings
  • Life Skills – cooking and kitchen prep/safety, sex education safety and hygiene, managing healthy relationships, stress management, maintaining a household
  • Self Care – learning how to take care of self on a mental, physical, and emotional level


This program is provided free to youth and is made possible with a grant from RBC Royal Bank and Coast Capital Savings Credit Union. We also thank the Pacific National Exhibition for their gift through the KC’s Kids Ticket Donation Program.




To find out more about the Transition to Adulthood program, email [email protected] or call (604) 574-2964.

You don’t need a social worker or any other professional involved in order to access the program.