Rent A Personal Neurofeedback System For Home Use

SOS BC’s “Train Your Brain” – Neurofeedback Training has never been this accessible!

Many families tell us that they find it difficult fitting in the travel time and expense of coming to our office for neurofeedback training sessions.

Renting a system can be a very cost effective way of obtaining training at your own pace. No travel, lower costs per session, and the ability to increase the frequency of sessions. It is a relatively simple system to operate allowing you to experience training in the comfort of your own home.

Designed to be user friendly, the fully automated NeurOptimal Professional 3.0 Trainer system will allow you to run sessions using a variety of multimedia options including the custom Zengar music and fractal imagery. This is the same system found in many Clinical settings. Since 2006, we have used and recommended the Zengar NeurOptimal neurofeedback systems. Canadians from Vancouver to Halifax turn to SOS Children’s Village BC to rent cutting-edge neurofeedback training systems for a very reasonable price.

Regular rental price for unlimited sessions for 30 days is $1,100 (PST and GST apply for non-autism clients). Then receive a 10% discount on your second month of rental!



How to setup NeurOptimal equipment.

How to run a NeurOptimal session.

Sensor placement – Part 1.

Sensor placement – Part 2.

For more information on renting a Personal Trainer neurofeedback system please contact Doug West at (604) 574-2964 ext. 106 or