Learning Club Program

Free for foster children and at risk youth

Community, Academic, and Social Support

The Learning Club is a fun, positive, and safe environment where kids can do their homework while getting BC Certified Teacher support. Each two-hour Learning Club session is enriched with engaging social development games and physical activities.


At SOS Children’s Village BC we know one of the most important parts of a childhood is play. We make sure that Learning Club gives students the opportunity to grow and develop with their peers while having a great time. Kids are often pleasantly surprised to discover that Learning Club isn’t just about homework!

The Learning Club program provides services for foster children in our Village and children who attend specific Surrey and Langley Elementary Schools and are challenged with school work and social development. With over 200 kids registered in this program since the start of the school year, the SOS Learning Club is staffed with a team of teachers to assist students requiring extra academic support and guidance in their social development. Our program targets the most vulnerable schools and kids, with a focus on Indigenous students as few Indigenous kids in care graduate.


SOS believes that all children and their families should have the opportunity to reach their social, emotional, and physical potential while participating in their communities.

Our Learning Club programming address the following goal areas:

  • Nurturing transitions into High School
  • Providing a safe, fun, and trusted learning environment
  • Academic support
  • Life skills
  • Exposure to community resources

The Learning Club creates a balanced and productive safe zone for kids to gain academic support in subject areas where they may be challenged. Learning Club teachers build strong relationships with students to further support their social and emotional growth, help them face challenges in their daily personal lives, and transition into middle childhood and high school.


This program is free to students in participating Surrey and Langley public schools. SOS is very appreciative for funding made possible through a gracious donation from TELUS and HSBC.



This program is available in several Surrey and Langley Public Schools, operating one day a week from 2:30 – 4:30 pm. Please contact the Program Coordinator to find out if your child’s school is an SOS partner.



Are you or your child interested in registering for our program? There are two ways your child can get involved!

1) In partnership with schools in our community, students are referred for registration by Principals and/or Child Youth Care
Workers. Give your school a call to see if they feel your child can benefit from this program.

2) Our community location at the Cloverdale Library is open to the public, but there are a limited number of openings. Please
contact the Program Coordinator if you feel your child could benefit from this program. We will do our best to serve you and
keep you posted on any other locations that may be closer to your area!

Contact: Village Director, Kistie Singh
Phone: (604) 574-2964
E-mail: kistiesingh@sosbc.org