Simi Mann, B.A., CYC
Transition to Adulthood – Mental Health/Youth Worker

I am currently working for SOS Children’s Village BC as a youth worker in the Transition to Adulthood Program. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Child and Youth Care from Douglas College and have been working with children and youth for over 7 years. I’ve worked in many different community and school-based settings, where I’ve been able support and advocate for young people in their communities. I’ve had the opportunity to work with the City of Surrey as a youth engagement worker and support worker for children with autism.

I started working for SOS BC in 2019. As a youth worker for SOS, I feel a sense of fulfillment and gratitude in knowing that I’m able to walk alongside a young person and their journey.

Why I love my job: “I love my job because I’m able to make a difference in a young person’s life. Knowing that I’m able to make a difference, whether it be small or big, makes me appreciate the work I do. I feel blessed in my work and I enjoy sharing my passion and energy with my clients.”