Rose Hamilton, B.Sc. Hons
Director of Community Partnerships & Donor Stewardship

Rose’s career spans over two decades of strategic partnership development, sustainable economic development, and project and policy development, negotiation, and implementation. She has also worked in public relations, media, and management consulting in Canada, Europe, and the USA. Clients have included national, regional, and municipal governments and agencies, non-profits, First Nations and Native American tribes, multi-cultural & education programs, as well as tourism, conference & events, and political grassroots organizations.

Rose has partnered with key players, navigating major historical changes. Examples include: economic and cultural integration of former East-bloc countries with the European Union; economic shifts after the events of 9/11; First Nations & Native American communities in processes of community health and cultural recovery. Her community involvement has included paralegal support for refugee families, workshops on nutrition for special needs children, and fundraising for arts organizations. She is a musician and qualified holistic nutritionist.

Rose deeply values the resourcefulness and knowledge of everyone around her, generating sustainable, collaborative, and consensus-based results. Her mission is to ensure that each stakeholder can contribute their best effort and practices in an atmosphere of trust, respect, and safety.

Why I love my job: “I have a fierce passion for seeing that EVERY kid has support and encouragement for whoever they are and whatever they want to be. I was brought up with the Native American wisdom that “what we do is what we teach”. Here at SOS Children’s Village BC I get to fulfill that passion through that life teaching. Every day I witness the miracles of love and courage in this place. It is such a privilege to be a member of this deeply dedicated and immensely qualified team. That they like my baking and laugh at my wacky jokes simply seals the deal!”