Megan Joseph
Youth Worker

I was a youth who faced many barriers in my life – it was hard but after everything I broke the cycle of alcohol and drug abuse in my family. I was the first girl in my family to graduate from college in 2015. I completed the Social Services Worker – Youth Specialist program, even with losing my father mid-school-year to drug abuse, it only made me work harder towards my goals. I was determined to break the cycle for my younger siblings.

I’ve raised my youngest sister for 5 years now, and do have permanent custody of her. I got into this field because I wanted to make a difference in the lives of youth. Before I went to school, I worked for Immigration Canada as a youth intern and although I loved my job there it had to end because I ended up with my youngest sister in my care. I took it as a blessing and sat back and asked myself what do I want to do and realized although I did love my job I didn’t feel like I was making that difference in the world, which brought me to college. I had many worries because I did not graduate high school but nonetheless for the most part I was top of my class.

When I was done I did my practicum at Watari as a assistant youth worker and I truly loved it, I knew this was my calling. I did not have the experience to become a youth worker right away so I did a handful of relief jobs that gave me the experience and led me to my now youth worker job at SOS BC.

Why I love my job: “SOS is my dream job, everything I’ve done in my lifetime has led me right here – the barriers I faced with education – I was built for this job! I love all the opportunities that are there for the SOS youth of today and tomorrow. I love the support that they have for their staff here, so we can better serve our youth! I love that once you become a SOS child you’re always an SOS child. This sits well with me big time. Just because you age out doesn’t mean the help should stop. I also believe it takes a community to raise a child and we are that COMMUNITY!”