Kistie Singh, B.A., B.Ed.
Village Director

Village Director Kistie Singh has been involved with SOS BC since 2012. In the 5 years she has worked for the organization, she has transitioned from an education focus to overseeing the operations, programs, and child protection practices at the Village. Kistie is deeply involved with the youth and children who live in, or are involved with, the SOS BC campus located in Surrey. She understands that it takes one adult – one caring individual – to help children in care, and who are vulnerable in the community, to understand that they are full of potential and deserve love and acceptance.

Her career at SOS has led to promising international relationships with national associates in North America and Europe. Kistie has had the opportunity to work on a 4 month youth research project at the SOS International office in Innsbruck, Austria. This later led to the development of the Youth Housing Year Intensive program, as well as the completion of a three year evaluation of youth programs at SOS BC and the impact these programs have made for former youth in care.

Regardless of what project, what priority, or advocacy, Kistie works towards ensuring children and youth feel safe, are collaboratively involved in their self development, and have their needs met as young children and youth that are a part of the SOS BC community, and of our greater society.

Why I love my job: “I love my job because I know I’m making a difference in the lives of kids who see me every week. To know that I’ve helped someone get through a hardship, whether it be school or in their social and home lives, I’m grateful knowing I’ve helped students understand, develop, and grow. Knowing you made a difference and you were able to be that beam of support when a student most needed you has been humbling and I am rewarded when students eagerly run into class ready to start our session with huge smiles on their faces.”