John Kielski, Director
Stewart, Aulinger & Company

My name is John Kielski, and I am a dual-qualified lawyer at the firm of Stewart, Aulinger & Company where I specialize in corporate, commercial, real estate, and data privacy law. I was born and raised in Vancouver and completed my undergraduate degree at the University of British Columbia, but I had the desire to study abroad and ended up completing my law degree at the University of Edinburgh.

After completing my law degree, I practiced as a corporate solicitor for several years at a national Scottish firm before returning to Vancouver in 2018, completing a Master of Laws from the University of British Columbia in 2020, and requalifying as a BC lawyer in 2021.

Although I have been mostly preoccupied over the last few years studying and practicing law, I am looking to expand my horizons by gaining practical, real-world experience in being a member of a non-profit society that offers essential community services to youth at risk and their families in my community of Surrey.

Outside of work, I enjoy cross-country mountain biking, landscape photography, and skiing.

I believe that the Board, and the Society, would find my skills beneficial from an operational and management risk perspective, particularly with ever-increasing regulatory oversight and by helping break down legislation and legalese into a more communicable and digestible format.