Gloria Raphael, Vice President
District Principal

I’m proud to support the children who reside at SOS Children’s Village BC as a board director since 2017.

There is a sense of urgency in caring for children in BC who unfortunately are in foster care and are not forgotten by SOS BC. I strongly believe that all children need and deserve a safe, loving, and supportive family. SOS BC has been very successful in keeping our promise through intensive programming, accountability measures, but mostly a deep desire by many who give generously.

As a Nla’kapamux woman, I deeply understand the importance of finding alternative ways to improve the livelihood of all Indigenous children.

I am a retired District Principal from the public school system and offer my many skills, both professionally and my lived experiences. My contribution is to ensure that all those who are part of SOS BC are successful, in particular the children as they grow into young adults and as they become independent self-reliant individuals.

I work closely with, and provide mentorship in supporting, the work of the Executive Director. I continuously offer my knowledge from an Indigenous and educator perspective at board meetings to individual board members and potential donors.