Who We Are

SOS Children’s Village BC is part of SOS Children’s Villages, the largest non-governmental, non-denominational child development organization in the world. SOS Children’s Villages has existed for 70 years with a presence in 137 countries and 568 Villages, with a seat at the UN to be the voice for the rights of children everywhere. SOS Children’s Village BC was founded in 1986 as a grassroots response to deficiencies in the provincial foster care system characterized by frequent placement breakdowns and moves for children and youth, and the separation of siblings into different homes.

Our model of family-based alternative care ensures long term stability, with a strong focus on transition to adulthood programming to support youth aging out of care. With your help, we are there for them when they have no one else to turn to.

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From the Village…

“People at the village like Sheena welcomed me to the village and helped me build a new community around me and provided me with resources to help me better manage living by independently. Through Sheena I was introduced to job opportunities and given support in reaching my education and health goals and I feel as a community they’re committed to helping me be the best version of myself.”



The Impact is Real…

“I have gone through a lot as a child being in care, I believe I have a great strength and courage from it all, The TTA program and SOS staff have been able to empower and advocate for me through all my needs. I would not be able to get onto AYA without the support of my youth worker.”

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Life Changing Travels

“It All Felt Like A Dream” ~Ecuador

“My favorite part about the trip was visiting the churches in Quinto. Shopping in Quinto and horse back riding by the volcano for three hours. It all felt like a dream! Quinto is like a second home in my opinion, because it just feels right and good to be there.“

“I learned About Climate Change” ~Italy

“What I learned was how to cook some real Italian foods and some of their language as well. I learned about climate change. This trip helped me to socialize more with people and to make friends and to speak up.”

“And I Made Friends” ~Galiano Island

“Paddleboarding is scary to me”. Camp was fun because of the long hike. The pebble beach and the owl were beautiful. I was super scared and then I got there it was so fun. And I made friends, but only three and I had so much fun with my friends. The bathrooms and cabins were so pretty! And the workers where so much fun.”

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