Spring 2017 Newsletter

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Parent Driven Autism Services (PDAS) Is Growing!

By Doug West, MA, RCC, Manager of Autism Services
New PDAS office and Nicole Bradley-Duncan
Our Parent Driven Autism Services (PDAS) program focuses on providing neurofeedback training for children and youth on the Autism spectrum.  PDAS is expanding into the City of Abbotsford in order to expand our reach for these specialized services - neurofeedback, counselling, and parent coaching to clients in that region.  This new satellite office is centrally located at Suite #212 - 34334 Forrest Terrace, Abbotsford, BC.  This location is just off Highway 1 only 20 minutes from Mission and 25 minutes from Chilliwack.  
Joining the PDAS team is Nicole Bradley-Duncan( who is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors.
“Combined with clarity and compassion, I am dedicated to empowering clients to heal & make the changes they are seeking.  It is a great privilege to work together with individuals, couples, and families who are at various crossroads looking for new, healthy ways to experience life.  My passion is to listen deeply and help clients make authentic changes from where they are to where they want to be.”
“My focus includes anxiety, depression, grief, and trauma.  I am experienced in facilitating a variety of group therapies - managing anxiety, recovery from substance use, breaking cycles of guilt and shame.  My work also includes providing quality clinical counselling & teaching for parents, as well as care for families working through a variety of transitions.  I am committed to incorporating new and emerging effective techniques into my practice.  It is my privilege to help clients make authentic changes by providing a sincere and hope-focused perspective.”
New PDAS office map
Many families tell us that they find it difficult fitting in the travel time and expense of coming to our office for neurofeedback training sessions.
Renting a system can be a very cost effective way of obtaining training at your own pace.  No travel, lower costs per session and the ability to increase the frequency of sessions from the comfort of your own home.  
For more information on renting a Personal Trainer neurofeedback system please contact Doug West at (604) 574-2964 ext. 106 or


Building Bridges Through Understanding The Village

On January 15th, SOS BC hosted an interactive workshop entitled ‘Building Bridges Through Understanding the Village’.  The event took place at Beecher Place, a unique beach-side venue situated within the beautiful natural surroundings of Crescent Beach, South Surrey.
This interactive workshop - inspired by Jann Derrick’s teachings of ‘The Circle and The Box’ and by many Elders' teachings - aimed to help participants better understand traditional Aboriginal ways and values.  We explored our personal role in supporting the revival of those values that worked so beautifully for thousands of years, and gained a more in‐depth understanding of the effects of Residential Schools and Canada’s Policy of Assimilation.  The process of ‘building the Village, witnessing it being methodically torn apart, followed by the tough road of slowly trying to rebuild, regain trust and mend the harm that was done’ was an emotional experience for many.  
The sessions were expertly facilitated by Kathi Camilleri and Meredith Martin.  Being of Aboriginal descent they each brought invaluable personal experiences and insights as they helped guide the group on its journey.  It was a thought provoking, enjoyable educational experience for all.
The workshop


Therapy Dog Bleu Joins The Office

Bleu & Monique
SOS BC is pleased to announce that a new member has joined the SOS family.  Bleu will be here to provide (handler-supervised) smiles and cuddles to the young people and their caregivers visiting our offices, as well as to the SOS staff.  Bleu’s handler/owner is Monique van Leeuwen, who happens to be our new Director of Administration. 
Bleu is an 8-year old English Setter that LOVES children.  Since having been certified by St. John’s Ambulance Therapy Dog Program he has brought smiles and happiness to hundreds of people of ALL ages.  Bleu is certified to work with children and kids love to read to him.
(If people visiting our office have any questions or concerns please let us know.  We can arrange for a gradual introduction to young clients or we can keep Bleu in his kennel for the duration of the visit.)
Cheque presentation with Heather & MoniqueIn February, Monique met up with her massage therapist Heather Locke for a special occasion.  During previous massage treatments to try and fix unruly muscles, Monique and Heather never experienced a lack of topics to talk about.  In the midst of one of their sessions SOS BC came up and our cause was chatted about.  Monique explained what SOS was all about, and what made it so special for the foster children growing up under the care of the Village community, particularly what we represent for youth aging out.
Heather was so taken with what she learnt that she spontaneously decided to make January a month for her massage clinic to donate $10 for each one hour massage appointment to SOS BC. Monique only found out about it when she received a newsletter email appealing for her to ‘help make a difference’.
On February 10th, a total of $310 was donated to SOS BC by Heather’s clinic.  Monique made sure to commemorate the lovely gesture with a picture.  Thank you so much Heather!  It is caring and generous people such as you that help keep us going.  Heather is a Registered Massage Therapist in Ocean Park.  One of her specialties is sports massage:


Special Thank Yous

Douglas receiving cheque from Surrey Homelessness & Housing Society
• Arlin Foundation for their kind grant of $2,000
• BC Gaming for a $100,000 programs grant
• Boag Foundation for a generous grant of $10,000 
• GeoComply for a kind donation of $1,500
• HSBC – Future First Program for a $66,700 grant to our Learning Club & Therapy Programs
• Qoola for a donation of $2,000 towards the Undercover Superhero appeal
• Ralph Webster & Leann Farnsworth of CIBC Wood Gundy for a $2,000 donation from their annual Advisor Charitable Day
• Richmond/South Delta/Gulf Islands Area of the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver for $7,600 raised at their event, inspired by SOS ambassador Capri Everitt
• Sook Ching Foundation for a $10,000 grant to our Sounds of Learning Music Program
• Sentinel Secondary School YPI group in West Vancouver for winning us $5,000
• Stage 1 Millwork Installations for a kind donation of $1,500
• Surrey Homelessness & Housing Society for $27,000 grant to our Transition Suites (pictured above with Councillors Vera LeFranc and Judy Villeneuve)
• Tenmore Property Services kindly gave $1,000
We appreciate the support & generosity to the kids in our programs and our organization.


Aman Jina & Panorama Ridge High School Host Amazing Guest

Aman Jina with Spencer West
Our executive director was lucky enough to attend an event at Panorama Ridge High School in Surrey featuring We Day's Spencer West - the internationally known motivational speaker - and SOS youth ambassador Aman Jina.
The whole school attended, 1,000+ kids, and Aman did an intro speech and the Jina family underwrote the cost of the presentation.
Spencer then went on to be keynote speaker at We Day a few days later.  If you didn't know, Spencer climbed Mount Kilimanjaro using only his hands and a wheelchair!  
We also received a $750 cheque from the Free the Children club at the school, thank you!


Envision Financial At The Village

Envision employees helping out at the Village
Once again the Envision Make a Difference Day team made a huge impact on our Village in Surrey.  They worked on the following projects:
• Cleared our property line (which is big as our Village is 2.5 acres) to help us move towards our next step of fencing
• Helped with junk removal of the Village Centre and three homes on site
• Helped clean up one of the homes so it was move-in ready as one of our foster parents retired and a new family is moving in
• Hired and used a carpet cleaner to clean several rooms (rooms used by teenagers for the last 10 years, need we say more?)
We look forward to the annual visit of the Envision team, the energy, the fun, but most important the great work done.  From all of us at SOS BC, THANKS ENVISION!


Trauma Informed Practice & Ways Of Healing

By Dr. Lise' DeLong, Ph.D, CPCRT, CCCM, Clinical Director
Have you ever wondered what, exactly, the different therapies are that SOS BC offers?  Here are the answers you are looking for:
Cognitive Rehabilitation - Understanding developmental brain areas that are weak and reteaching basic brain operations: ie. Executive function skills, reasoning, deduction, critical thinking, problem solving or auditory skills; reception, association, sequential memory or discrimination.  These areas need to be 'retaught' when someone has been brought up in a dysfunctional, traumatized world or when they are born with a condition such as FASD.  Sadly, their brains are not fully functional and are unable to process the world around them with intent.  This process is used typically along with Neurofeedback and will be used with all kids in the Village that are considered at risk (not typically children in crisis).
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - is a short-term, goal-oriented psychotherapy treatment that takes a hands-on, practical approach to problem-solving.  Its goal is to change patterns of thinking or behaviour that are behind people's difficulties, and so change the way they feel.  This is coupled with a focus in trauma and becomes what we call TFCBT (this is what Rachel Madu uses in her work as Clinical Lead).  This process is used as needed when an individual is in crisis or in significant risk for a future crisis.
Neurofeedback - A process of retraining cortical activity through a feedback process, both auditory and visual.  Anytime there is a condition, disorder or a symptom in the brain, it shows up as too much electrical/magnetic (cortical) activity.  This tool teaches the brain to reduce the amplitude of that signal (turbulence) and the individual immediately responds by thinking in the present moment, and that reduction of amplitude reduces fear, stress, anxiety, and depression.  This therapy will be used on all Village children, youth, caregivers, and staff as an underlying process for a physiological stabilization and balance.
Expressive Art Therapy - is a multimodal approach to therapy similar to its cousins drama and music therapy.  Expressive arts therapy may incorporate writing, drama, dance, movement, painting, and/or music.  People utilizing expressive arts therapy are encouraged to explore their responses, reactions, and insights through pictures, sounds, explorations, and encounters with art processes.  A person is not required to have artistic ability to use or benefit from expressive arts therapy (Frauke Reddick and Doug West use Expressive Therapy).  This therapy is used with children, youth, and caregivers in the Village for at-risk individuals.
“...Trauma is the imprints that [an] event has left on your mind and in your sensations... the discomfort you feel and the agitation you feel and the rage and the helplessness you feel right now.”
"Neurofeedback changes brain connectivity patterns; the mind follows by creating new patterns of engagement.”
“During disasters young children usually take their cues from their parents.  As long as their caregivers remain calm and responsive to their needs, they often survive terrible incidents without serious psychological scars.”
― Bessel A. van der Kolk, The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma
“A large percentage of what we think of when we talk about stress-related diseases are disorders of excessive stress-responses.”
― Robert M. Sapolsky, Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers: The Acclaimed Guide to Stress, Stress-Related Diseases, and Coping





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