Spring 2014 Newsletter

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Roll Out Those Lazy, Hazy, Instructive Days of Summer

By Kistie Singh, Education Coordinator & Village Manager 
This summer, SOS Children's Village BC is working closely with Metis Family Services to provide a two day summer camp in August on the 20th and 21st. 
We are opening our Village site to accommodate the summer camps which will be open to both villagers and families involved with Metis Family Services. The aim of the summer camps is to provide some cultural exposure to our kids in care. There will be lots of fun activities including beading, jig dancing, and storytelling! 
Summer campsAlong with the hustle and bustle of summer activities, SOS Children’s Village BC will also be providing its annual Prep Squad in partnership with our local Cloverdale Library at the end of August to help kids prepare for the upcoming school year. Time to get our thinking caps on, school will be just around the corner! 
Most of our Learning Club teachers are off for the summer, but a few stay on board to provide learning opportunities to vulnerable populations in our community. This year, SOS Children’s Village BC will be teaming up with Baobab Inclusive Empowerment Society, to provide lessons and programming to the kids registered in their summer program. It’s a fun way to keep kids active and learning during the summer, while also helping at-risk and vulnerable families. 
And of course, we'll hopefully be enjoying a nice summer BBQ at the Village. A date hasn't been locked in just yet as want to ensure our families are available, but keep an eye out on our Happy Friday blog to see when we set a date! 
It’s going to be a great summer!


Pop Some Tags at the Thrift Shop Down the Road

Spring Cleaning - Donate to our Thrift Stores
Spring has finally sprung and what better way to get in the spirit than by clearing out all those clothes and other hidden treasures taking up space in your house and dropping them off at one of the SOS Children’s Village BC Thrift Stores! Not only does spring cleaning help get rid of all that built-up dust around your home, and items you no longer need, the act itself seems to aid in clearing your head of clutter as well. Summer here we come!
We have two lovely locations in Steveston, Richmond (3800 Moncton Street) and Kerrisdale, Vancouver (2319 West 41st Avenue). Check out our website for the full list of what we can and cannot accept at our stores. At this time of year, books are in demand as the days get warmer and reading outdoors becomes a pleasant possibility. So don’t forget to donate your novels after reading them, and help us help foster children in BC!
Visit our Thrift Stores


Parent Driven Autism Services (PDAS) Partners With BRIDGES Youth Development & Education

We are pleased to announce the formation of new social and life skill groups to assist youth in developing attitudes and skills necessary to help them prepare for their future. They are designed for children and teens with: Asperger’s Syndrome, High Functioning Autism, PDD-NOS, Anxiety, ADHD, or other social/behavioural needs
These groups will be led by our new SOS Children’s Village BC Behaviour Consultant, Jeff Prasad, B.Ed 
Jeff received a Bachelor of Education and maintains active status with the BC College of Teachers. Jeff has dedicated the past 10 years to working with youth and teenagers with Autism and a variety of other special needs. He has experience as a teacher, Behavioural Interventionist, and Positive Behaviour Support Consultant. These experiences have given Jeff the opportunity to learn and teach numerous skills including behaviour management skills, social development, anger management, sensory integration, and implementing visuals as supports. 

Parent Driven Autism Services

He has a true passion for social skill development and his philosophy is based on the idea that the first step to teaching youth and teens to be successful in the social environment is to instill the understanding that being social is fun. Also, Jeff believes that all children and youth are unique and may require a variety of different learning opportunities to meet their specific needs. He believes that everyone in the program has strengths on which successful social skill development can be learned, nurtured, and built upon. 
Children who have difficulty with social skills often need guided support and encouragement to help them visualize and put into effect new ways of connecting and staying connected to peers. In our groups, facilitators teach various skills through practice scenarios in a fun and encouraging way so that children can improve their abilities to communicate with peers and others who may enter their lives. Our groups focus on improving a child’s overall self-confidence, making and keeping friends, and behaving appropriately when in stressful situations. Children are taught how to implement what is learned in group into their outside environment. 
Our goal is to provide a variety of activities, discussions, and educational experiences that teach our group members skills and nurture independence. We believe that building on strengths helps to instil positive self-esteem and teaches youth the confidence required to take charge of their own lives. Together we strive to build the philosophy that they have the ability to contribute to society and have a positive impact on the world around them. 
To learn about these groups or our other new addition – an Autism Parent Support Group - please:
Visit our Website for More Information


Special Thank Yous

Pamela Ottas from Rebekah Assembly of BC
• Envision Financial provided us with a $300 cheque through their Employee Giving Campaign 
• KD Technical Services donated $500 to the SOS Run & Walk 
• NexS Security Services donated $500 to the SOS Run & Walk 
• Northwest Odd Fellow/Rebekah Association donated $213 that was collected from their District Assembly in White Rock (Pamela Ottas, Vice Chair of the Rebekah Assembly of BC pictured above with SOS BC Executive Director)
• Rotary Club of Richmond donated $2,500 to the SOS Run & Walk
• Tag Liquor Store Cambie Plaza generously donated $1,500 to the SOS Run & Walk 
• TELUS provided us with a $200 cheque from employee donations 
• Vancouver Foundation - Youth Homelessness Initiative for the first cheque of$48,000 of a three year grant for our Transition to Adulthood program
We appreciate the support & generosity to the kids in our programs and our organization.


Connecting SOS Villages Across the Globe


SOS BC Ambassador Eleni with an SOS Child from GreeceOur new SOS Children’s Village BC ambassador Eleni Georgantas - who leads the SOS Club at University Hill Elementary in Vancouver - flew to Greece in March after being invited by the National Director of SOS Greece to the 'Ambassadors in Concert' charity event, that took place in Athens. She was there as a guest art and English teacher for the activities taking place at the event and at SOS Children's Village Vari. 

Her first day at Vari involved working with three groups of SOS children and as well as kids from the local community, teaching about BC Aboriginal animal meanings. They were fascinated by the Aboriginal history of British Columbia and worked hard to create their aboriginal animals with detail. 
The University Hill SOS Club also made hand-drawn cards for the Greek SOS children. Everyone in Vari received a card, and there were so many that they were given out at Easter time too.


A Milestone to Remember

Lulu Shen, Media Sales and Marketing Director of iTalkBB Media – Chinese Television Division, made a goal to help 12 non-profit organizations this year to celebrate her 50th birthday…and she chose SOS BC as one of them! 
She has graciously offered to help us raise awareness by showing the 30 second trailer of our film It Takes a Village on their platform across Canada for the rest of the year, and showing our ad for the SOS BC Run & Walk to viewers in the Lower Mainland. 

iTalkBB Logo

iTalkBB provides cutting edge audio-visual entertainment and cultural programming to Chinese communities around the world through a streaming digital platform. iTalkBB is also registering a team for the SOS Run & Walk. Heartfelt thanks Lulu for your kindness and support!





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