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SOS BC is committed to offer healing and stability to children and youth who have experienced family crisis and need a stable foster family.

Our Vision: Every child belongs to a family and grows with love, respect and security.

Our Mission: We provide homes, a supportive community, and programs to help foster children and youth in need grow into caring, self-reliant adults.

The following documents are available for media/press use:

SOS BC Fact Sheet

The Meaning of SOS

Our History


The following photos are available for media/press use:




YouTube videos:







Transition to Adulthood research data and resources (impact of foster experience and resulting societal costs):

Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative (United States)


Tracking Footprints is an international, long-term project starting in 2001 designed to investigate upon the experiences of people who lived in an SOS Children’s Village facility (SOS adults). A major goal is to learn from SOS adults’ recommendations and points of view in order to further develop the educational work and state the results for external parties. Treating these SOS adults as experts, the study applies a questionnaire focussing on their experiences and individual development during their time in the SOS Children’s Village facilities, major events in their lives, their current situation, what kind of values are important to them. 

In a Nutshell: Tracking Footprints - An Overview of the Study 





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