SOS BC Blue Bag


The SOS BC Blue Bag is the latest addition to the SOS Children’s Village BC Merchandise collection with all proceeds benefiting Our Programs.

This environmentally friendly bag is bright blue with the SOS Children’s Village logo in white on the front. It has a secondary pocket on the front as well and is perfect for grocery shopping and errands.

It will also be available at each of our two SOS Children's Village BC Thrift Stores starting February 2011. They are only $2 each, so get yours today!


*If you would like to have the bag mailed to you, there is a shipping fee of $3.00. The dimensions of the bag are: Height: 13.5 inches, Width: 12 inches and Length: 8.5 inches.




Order Online:

Pick Up Bag From Office - $2


Ship Bag To Me - $5


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