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SOS Children’s Villages provides orphaned and abandoned children with a safe and loving home, and also helps strengthen vulnerable families.

Through our Children’s Villages, SOS offers orphaned and abandoned children a family and a loving home with a mother to care and support them in a safe environment where their needs for food, health and shelter are met.

SOS Children’s Villages also keeps families together through skills training and community development to ensure self sufficiency and prevent child abandonment.

In keeping with the SOS Children's Villages International focus, SOS Children's Villages Canada - who partners with Mike Holmes - fundraises for children in developing countries. We do not receive direct financial funding from our parent organization, and we do all our revenue generation on our own. We occasionally work on fundraising events together. Think globally by sponsoring a child through SOS Canada, and think locally by donating to SOS BC. Visit them here:
SOS Children's Villages Canada





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